What Next ?

    Specifically what is next for you?


    Let's say that already along your adulthood path you have:

    If so, then perhaps you are experiencing some form of hopelessness, despair, deep unfocused terror, desperation, or undirected outrage. (By the way, this is the state of far more people than might be admitting it right now.)


    These sensations of hoplessness, despair, even boredom, are useful conditions... if you know what they are for and how to use them. They are not a mistake.


    This website offers you some possibilites of how to understand and use your desperate powerlessness for Fun and Profit...


    The point is, one or the other of the possibilities described here could possible turn you on at a deep level, or it could trigger an insight for a possibility in you that will turn you on at the archetypal level. In other words, at one point you may get a tingling sensation down your spine and visions may come pouring into your heart and mind. When this happens, move. Start. Just go do it.


    Let's say you don't do it. Let's say you get a confirming sense of what you came here on Earth to do... and you do not do it. Let's say your mind starts thinking of reasons you cannot do the thing your heart wants to do most. By now that should be a familiar disappointment, so familiar that you redefine this horrible sensation as 'normal'. You made it so that you do not feel 'right' unless what you really want to do is prohibited by some external authority figure who you can blame and hate for stopping your life.


    For example, let's say you are moved to have Spanish oak trees replanted all over Spain, or you are moved to protect sharks from being slaughtered for their dorsal fins, or you are moved to bring refugees into a completely new kind of empowering refugee camp where their clarity about what does not work that forced them to leave their homes is used to build and inhabit regenerative-culture nanonations... and you don't do it because you feel fear about it and your mind starts finding reasons to justify the fear, such as:



    What if the fear you are feeling is actually excitement about trying something unreasonable? What if the fear you feel is the natural wisdom-seeking experience of going to the edge of the known and implementing new possibilities even if you do not already know how to do it? You are going to let this stop you?


    You are right that no one can force you or choose for you to go ahead and shift gameworlds in your life. No one can blame you for staying ordinary, trying to fit in to the capitalist patriarchal empire and seek success and comforts in the well-advertised 'good life'. Every one of these things is a very personal decision. No one can decide for you what you do with your life... so... are you doing with your life what you really want to be doing with your life?


    You will never get this time back. The days, weeks, months, years you spend trying to make enough money to pay rent to the stay-at-home 'landlords' by doing things that do not actually nurture your Being... you won't get those years back, even when you 'retire'.


    If you cast away your inhibitions and take your circumstances into your own hands by making a few unexpected right-angle turns, and if you bring your kids along with you, your partner, and maybe some friends, or maybe you leave them behind... and you go out and try something extraordinary, who knows what will happen? Maybe it works. Maybe it does not work.


    If you do not follow the gut-level unreasonable impulses of your calling and decide to suppress the impulses and try to keep everything under control and 'normal', who knows what will happen? Perhaps the refugees move into your neighborhood. Perhaps there is a shooting at your kids' school. Perhaps you get cancer.


    In either case you cannot know what will happen. Clear?


    If you cannot know what is going to happen whether you do nothing different or do everything different, why not spend your life doing what you came here to do?


    New futures come from the people who decide, "Hell, yes! I'm going to shift out of ordinary and get on track with my destiny! I think I can do it!" not from the people who decide, "Hell, no! I'm not trying anything different. I am going to stay on track in the linear-life-plan and try to get ahead in the rat race! I think I can do it!"


    What if you are right in either case?


    What if you notice that you are still reading these wild ideas?


    The part that is still reading is the part who is starving for a life that is more accurately yours. How much longer will it take before you have tried the old future long enough?








    Preparing yourself can be a LOT more Fun if you do it in a Team. For that, you would need a 'What Next' Adventure Team...



    YOUR 'What Next Adventure Team'

    Call your Team whatever you want, as long as you meet every week and actually DO things and not just talk about doing things. We usually call it a Possibility Team. Your Team is where you get energetic food to thrive on. There is so much support for your Team. For example, download your free Possibility Team Handbook.






    Alexander Graham Bell did not get his light bulb working the first time he tried. Orville and Wilbur Wright did not get their first airplan model to fly. Nelso Mandela spent 20 years in prison before his spaceholding could shape the future of South Africa. "No one ever makes their first jump." Next culture (Archearchy) emerges through an endless series of experiments. You are a force of endlessness. When your experiment dissolves, simply ask, "What Next?" and try the next experiment.

  • Earth Guardians

    Solve the two Challenges...

    ...an invitation from J. F. Rischard, former Vice President of the World Bank in Paris, and author of High Noon: 20 global problems and 20 years to solve them, published in 2003...

    1. Can current politics create feasible solutions? CHALLENGE: Outlaw current political tension practices before it is too late. National Political Systems immediately fail when confronted by the four 'First-Time-In-History Problems' now emerging on planet Earth. Current short-term-focus political methods pitch some people against other people and create tensions instead of solutions.

    • They pitch today's generations against tomorrow's generations.
    • They pitch the 'haves' against the 'have nots'.
    • They pitch those who believe that you can only change things incrementally one-little-step-at-a-time against those who believe that from time-to-time radical re-thinking is required.
    • They pitch those who like to read long articles and books, and like to think for themselves, against those who live off tweets and short headlines and are easily manipulable.
    • They pitch those who think in territorially terms against those who think globally. 

    Please outlaw political-tension systems and replace them with political-solution systems.


    2. Are there international systems to implement global solutions? CHALLENGE: Reinvent the Global Management System before it is too late. The problems humans have created are non-territorial problems. Our problems cross national boundaries, so the solutions must be global as well. Think of fisheries depletion or ocean toxification, or atmospheric carbon-dioxide and methane concentrations. All 200 nations of the world collaborate to create change or the future vanishes.


    Avoiding these challenges is deadly.

    Deliver A Weekly Rage Club

    For yourself.

    You don't have to know how a Rage Club goes. Actually it is better if you don't know how a Rage Club goes.

    Teach Local Village Women How To Destroy Weapons - Fighting With Nonviolence

    Get on Scilla Elworthy's Team and help her do whatever she is trying to do: https://www.scillaelworthy.com/

    Fishermen Are Killing 11,000 Sharks

    Each Day

    Save the sharks from the fishermen.

    Move into the shark-killing fishermen's village and upgrade thoughtware until the fishermen co-create something to do with their lives besides killing sharks.


    Green The World's Deserts And Reverse Climate Change

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